Aeropress Brew Guide

1: Flush

By placing your paper filter inside the Aeropress cap proceed to generously rinse the filter.

2: Assemble

With the pre-wet filter inside the cap assemble the aeropress and cap together.


3: Add Coffee

We recommend measuring 18 grams of fresh coffee ground at a medium to slightly finer particle size for brewing.

Pour the ground coffee into the Aeropress cylinder.

4: Add Water

Quickly add water to the coffee grounds till you reach the top of the brewing vessel. Immediately attach the plunger to the rest of the aeropress assembly.

5: Press On

After the Aeropress as brewed for one minute and fifteen seconds slowly begin to depress the plunger of the Aeropress. This should last approximately thirty seconds resulting in an end brewing time of 1:45

6: Enjoy