Cascara is Spanish for shell, husk, peel or skin. Cascara can be loosely defined as either the dried skin or pulp of the coffee cherries, or the tisane (tea) brewed from them. Back before we realized the seed of the coffee cherry could be roasted, ground up and brewed, man was already creating drinks brewing the dried cherries.

In Ethiopia and Yemen the drink is known as Qishr. In Bolivia as Sultana “the poor man’s coffee," which is interesting because the resulting drink made from steeping the dried coffee cherries is sweet, and akin to a raisin or cranberry tea.

modcup is fascinated with cascara and eager to see its use increase in the Western World. We have always found it bizarre that we buy from fruit farmers who don’t actually sell their fruit! If we can utilize the dried fruit in other cuisines or recipes, the coffee farmers we buy from would have two products to sell, meaning better reinvestment in crops and therefore better coffees.