Roasting Philosophy

modcup coffee is a coffee company based out of Jersey City, NJ. We buy coffee in its raw green form from farms, coffee estates, international auctions & traders and importers across the globe.

Our roasting philosophy is that the longer you roast coffee the more you eliminate its nuanced natural flavor and mask any defects the beans may have. With high quality coffee lighter roasting is better and our goal is to introduce people around us to some truly unique and special tasting experiences. 

How many times have you tried coffee that tastes like peach tea?
Chocolate Liquors? Blueberry Pie?

We roast on the lighter side of the spectrum in order to preserve the natural aromas and brightness of flavors that result from a combination of specific coffee plant varietals and the processing of the coffee cherry.

In our four cafes in Jersey City our baristas take pride in serving our guests a dynamic coffee experience; one that aims to showcase fac(t) 1: coffee is a fruit.  

This is the modern world. #drinkmoderncoffee